Grilling Guide

Grilling bison can seem tricky at first. It has lower fat content than beef, so it’s important not to overcook it. Check out our helpful tips below, as well as a grilling guide with approximate cook times (depending on both the thickness of the cut and how you like your steak). All cook times are based on a charcoal or gas grill, preheated to medium-high heat. To ensure precise cooking to your desired level of “doneness,” we also recommend utilizing a meat thermometer.

Helpful Hints for Bison Steaks

Prior to grilling, let steaks come up to room temperature.

For good cooking, preheat the broiler or grill at least 5 mins before you broil or grill a steak.

Grilling Guide

Use long-handled tongs to turn steaks on the grill. A fork will pierce the meat and allow the flavorful juices to escape.

Steaks thinner than 3/4 inches thick are not recommended for barbecuing or broiling.

Which Steaks Are Best For Grilling?

Steaks recommended for grilling/barbecuing include Rib Eye, T-Bone, New York Strips, Flat Irons, Flanks, and Sirloin.

Less tender cuts of buffalo steaks are not recommended for grilling unless they have been marinated.

Bison Steak Cook Times

Cooking time is important in order not to overcook your steaks. Total cooking time will depend on the thickness of the steaks.

ThicknessDonenessSide 1Side 2
3/4 inRare2.5 min2.5 min
Medium Rare3 min3min
Medium3.5 min3.5 min
1 inRare4 min3 min
Medium Rare5 min4.5 min
Medium6 min5 min
1.5 inRare6 min5 min
Medium Rare7 min6.5 min
Medium8 min8 min
2 inRare9 min8 min
Medium Rare10 min9.5 min
Medium11.5 min11 min

Bison Burger Cook Times

DonenessSide 1Side 2
Medium4 min4 min
Medium Well5 min4 min